AK-47 Hash Bendigo



AK-47 Hash Bendigo

AK-47 Hash Bendigo is a delectable hash made here in the heart of beautiful British Columbia! Although it is a domestic hash, AK-47 is made in-line with traditional methods that date back to the once fertile and cannabis-friendly lands of Afghanistan. As true import hash becomes harder to source due to the on-going conflicts in Afghanistan. Many British Columbian enthusiasts are beginning to produce hash with methods that adhere to traditional practices.

While respecting the meticulous work that is involved in producing hashish. Afghani-style hash is known for the tremendous amount of time and care into creating a pleasant end product. Normally done by hand, traditional Afghani methods use absolutely zero solvents or additives, other than sometimes using water or tea, which gives hash from this region a robust flavour while also providing a good, workable pliability.


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