CBD Living Sleep Aid 200mg CBD + Melatonin


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CBD Living Sleep Aid 200mg CBD + Melatonin

CBD Living Sleep Aid 200mg CBD + Melatoninderived from organic hemp plants and won’t alter your  mental state or make you feel high or dizzy.

CBD Living offers two convenient CBD-infused syrups: AM Syrup and PM Syrup.

CBD Living’s PM Syrups each contain 200mg of broad spectrum CBD. CBD syrups use a unique nano-CBD technology to infuse each syrup with CBD that is highly bioavailable and easily absorbed.

CBD Living Syrups also allows the consumer to tailor their daily dose of CBD to their individual needs. Some individuals may find that they require increased doses of CBD after an injury or a strenuous workout. If you are new to CBD use.

Our CBD Living Syrups are 100% natural and lab-tested (you can check out our Lab Test Results here). All products undergo a quality assurance process to guarantee accurate dosing and uniform quality.

CBD Living uses a unique nano-CBD technology to extract the cannabinoid from organic hemp plants. This allows for higher bioavailability and better absorption into the body.

CBD Living Sleep Aid comes in two delicious flavors!

  • Grape
  • Cherry

Nano Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract + Melatonin

  • 200mg CBD
  • Melatonin


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