Doobie Snacks Blue Raspberry CBD Drink Crystals


DOSAGECombine drink crystals with 8 oz of cold water and stir well. Allow up to one hour for full absorption before consuming more.
EFFECTSRelaxed, Euphoric, Hungry & Sleepy
MEDICAL EFFECTSDepression, Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Inflammation & Stress


Doobie Snacks Blue Raspberry CBD Drink Crystals

Doobie Snacks Blue Raspberry CBD Drink Crystals. As the times change, so do Canada’s premier producers of delectable cannabis infused edibles. Doobie Snacks makes it their mission to learn and grow with the times as they implement new technology ingredients into their signature CBD and THC edibles. For those that aren’t into smoking, Doobie Snacks has a fun and tasty line of medicated gummies that include their popular Blue Raspberries. Now, they’re introducing their revolutionary CBD infused drink crystals. These delicious beverage mixes come in variety of refreshing fruit flavours and are infused with pure 99.99% CBD isolate. Each package contains a total of 300mg of CBD – enough to alleviate aches, pains and much, much more! Simply mix the Blue Raspberry Drink Crystals with 8 oz of cold water, stir, and enjoy!


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