Eureka Vape Cartridges AU


1 gram – 18 options


Eureka Vape Cartridges AU

Eureka Vape Cartridges AU high-potency vape cartridges are free of pesticides, solvents and cutting agents.

Using certified C-CELL hardware, we always deliver a consistent, pure, best-tasting experience.

High Potency Pure Cannabis Oil by Eureka!

  • 1 gram cartridge
  • 510 thread
  • Super high THC potency
  • These new Eureka Cartridges have higher THC levels starting at 89%!

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(HYB) AK 47 (85 44% THC), (HYB) Mimosa (85.34% THC), (IND) Berry White (83 44% THC), (ND) Blackberry Kush (85 44% THC), (IND) Bubba Kush (85.44% THC), (IND) Cherry Cookies (82. 44% THC), (ND) Forbidden Fruit (83.33% THC), (IND) London Pound Cake (83 44% THC), 160.
(IND) Northern Lights (83.54% THC), (SAT) Gelonade (84.34% THC), (SAT) Sour Diesel (84.44% THC), (SAT) Sour Tangie (83.54% THO), (SAT) Super Lemon Haze (84.44% THC)


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