Indiva Pre Roll Pink Grease


7 x 0.5g

THC: 15-16% CBD: <1% Indica


Indiva Pre Roll Pink Grease

Indiva Pre Roll Pink Grease is a cross between well-known coveted strains: Brandy Wine and Wedding Cake. This Indica has hues of pink, purple and green with caked buds that are spongy. It is grown indoor through a tried-and-true method with hydroponic lights, hand-trimming and hang dried on racks: simple and proven. The one-of-a-kind smell of this cultivar is paired with a unique pink and purple bud, and a tree that bleeds purple with aromas of lush plum, spice and a hint of wood. With a smooth and enjoyable burn, Pink Grease most notable terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, humulene and bisabol.


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