LITTO Disposable Vape Set


1 gram – 15 options


LITTO Disposable Vape Set

LITTO Disposable Vape Set makes premium and super potent cannabis disposable vapes that will knock your socks off. Also available in infused and exotic strains.

Set includes battery and cartridge all-in-one. Battery is not reusable once cartridge is finished.

  • 1 gram
  • Sleek design with discrete packaging
  • Lab tested
  • Solvent free and pesticide free

Additional information

LITTO Strain

Blue Dream (80.51% TCH), Blueberry Kush Infused (76.07% TCH), Cherry Pie Infused (83.18% TCH), Galato (83.18% TCH), Gushers Exotic (82.02% TCH), Purple Punch (83.82% TCH), Runtz Exotic (82.59% TCH), Skywalker OG (84.03% TCH), Strawberry Haze Infused (82.00% TCH), Strawnana (80.53% TCH)


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