Mekamika Haze Strain Nowra


Cerebral, Euphoria, Happy
May Relieve 
Depression, Irritability, Mood Swings, Stress


Mekamika Haze Strain Nowra

Mekamika Haze Strain Nowra is a rare 100% pure sativa landrace strain with heritage that stems from landraces from the Amazon jungles and the infamous Brazilian Mango Rossa. This tasty delight took home the gold medal for Best Sativa at the 2015 Amsterdam Unity Cup thanks to its high THC level and hazy relaxing effects. Mekamika Haze has an addictive flavor as well, blending together sweet tastes of sugary citrus and fresh earth. The smell is earthy with a floral overtone that’s almost like orange blossoms after a rainy day.
The Mekamika Haze high comes on soon after your first toke with a bright euphoric lift that grows with each bowl. You’ll feel happy and lifted with an influx of cerebral energy that doesn’t leave you anxious or paranoid. As this state of euphoria builds, it will start to become hazy. Leaving you lost in your own blissful thought and unaware of what is happening around you. Thanks to these heady effects and its high THC level. Mekamika Haze is the perfect choice for killing the effects of stress and fatigue. This bud has long tight bright neon green nugs coated in orange hairs and a thick blanket of bright amber crystal trichomes.


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