Platinum Rockstar Shatter




Platinum Rockstar Shatter

Platinum Rockstar Shatter is a pure indica strain that is well-renowned on the western coast of Canada. The origins of BC Rockstar are hazy and rather mysterious. And many speculate that this strain was conceived as a crossbreed between Bubba Kush. And another heavy-hitting indica strain of unknown origins. Extremely potent, this indica strain will be sure to knock you off your feet with its average THC concentrations ranging from a moderate 16% to 22% on the higher end. Rockstar Kush inherits powerful therapeutic effects from its indica lineage that is great for soothing general aches, pains and stress. The dank aroma of this strain is quick to permeate and fill a room with pungent earthy notes and undertones of a perfume-like sweetness.


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