Purple Death Tuna Strains AU



Purple Death Tuna Strains AU

Purple Death Tuna Strains AU is a heavy, almost full indica (90%, 10%) strain created by crossing two iconic strains — Black Tuna and Death Star. Purple Death Tuna is an impressive strain with a high that is almost narcotic and body-numbing. While it relieves your aches and pains, it relaxes your body and mind, leaving you completely stress-free.

Purple Death Tuna has wonderful, tasty flavours of sweet spice and wood. The thick smoke fills your lungs, expands your chest and leaves you extremely euphoric. Purple Death Tuna’s buds are dense, dank and very sticky due to the large amounts of resinous sappy trichomes giving it the ‘caked’ look. Beautiful shades of purple runs throughout the forest green nug. Purple Death Tuna is one of the richest indica highs you can experience.


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