Sweet Leaf Black Label Shatter


CONSISTENCYShatter/Snap & Pull
THC CONTENT67.5-85.0%


Sweet Leaf Black Label Shatter

Sweet Leaf Black Label Shatter is a B.C. based extraction company that focuses on high-end, premium concentrates. This local team started with one mission in mind: to help provide those who need cannabis and an alternative solution to prescription drugs or modern western medicine. Sweet Leaf’s Black Label Shatter is one of their proprietary, top-of-the-line products. They begin by extracting cannabinoids from AAA+/AAAA+ strain and phenotype-specific flowers that are cultivated by craft growers across British Columbia. Using high-tech extraction equipment and closed-loop technology, Sweet Leaf’s extraction artists have mastered the art of making premium shatter. Their exquisite quality, consistency and production methods bring the most out of your favourite flower strains for you to enjoy.


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