Twisted Extracts Sativa Jelly Bites


CONTENTS10x Sativa Jelly Bites
DOSAGEEach pack contains 10 pieces. Start with 1-2 pieces and allow 60-90 minutes for full effects to kick in.
EFFECTSHappy, Creative, Energetic, Uplifted & Giggly
MEDICAL EFFECTSDepression, Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue


Twisted Extracts Sativa Jelly Bites

Twisted Extracts Sativa Jelly Bites are the newest addition to their innovative lineup! These new gummies take the delicious flavour, consistency and potent effects of Twisted Extracts’ signature Jelly Bombs and have shrunken them down into a convenient, and easy to dose bite sized portion! The sativa variation of TJelly Bites are perfect for those looking to spark a little joy into a gloomy day, or those who want to just need a little extra motivation to get out of bed. Feel happy, creative and like a ball of positivity with the wonderful benefits of sativa-derived edibles.


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