Viridesco Sour OG V-RSO


CONTENTS1x Patron EOS Dispenser
THC CONTENT63.40% (1268mg)


Viridesco Sour OG V-RSO

Viridesco Sour OG V-RSO is a potent cannabis concentrated that is formulated from cannabinoids that are extracted from strain specific flowers. Phoenix Tears, or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) are popular among those who require the medicinal benefits of cannabis. But want to avoid the negative side-effects or harshness of smoking weed.

Viridesco believes that cannabis is a life enhancer and they strive to provide Canadians with unadultered. Medicinal-grade hemp and cannabis derived extracts. Their  extracted from strain-specific flowers grown in beautiful British Columbia and extracted using pure solvents. And purged before being packaged in a revolutionary Patron Eos-Dispenser – the world’s first dispenser patented to contain and accurately dispense resinous cannabis oil down to 0.01mL.


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